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How to Incorporate GIG Fundraising Into Your Marketing Strategy

The world of marketing is complex. It's no longer enough for social media posts to say, “but WAIT! If you donate now, you can help hundreds of communities!” and have the message come across as authentic. Nowadays, building a genuine connection with your consumers is key to the long-term success of your nonprofit.

There is research done on psychological triggers and data analytics collected that help nonprofits get more donations. So, in the grand scheme of it all, where does GIG fit into your marketing strategy, and how can GIG Fundraising help you increase your revenue?

Marketing Strategy 101

The marketing world can be overwhelming, but if there is one thing all marketers know, it's a sales funnel. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s sales funnel is vital to your marketing strategy, i.e., the journey a potential customer must go through to effectively execute the final goal of donating.

As a refresher, the sales funnel works as follows:

Step 1: Create Awareness

Step 2: Build Interest

Step 3: Speak to Their Desire

Step 4: Inspire Action

Each stage requires a different approach and messaging, but to get your customers to donate to your organization, you must get their attention!

The Importance of Awareness

At the first stage in the sales funnel, your target audience doesn’t know who you are or what you can do for them. Therefore, you must educate your audience about your brand.

Create a lasting first impression by telling them stories and creating relationships. Build the rapport that gets your unaware audience to trust your organization. Only then will you be able to effectively reel in your customers and move them through your sales funnel until the final step, which inspires action.

How GIG Builds Awareness

At GIG, we specialize in creating a genuine connection with each donor. We have worked with hundreds of organizations throughout the world, and we have helped them convert their unaware audience into potential donors through face-to-face marketing.

With GIG Fundraising, our team of highly trained client representatives will place themselves in spaces that create visibility for your brand. To give an idea of how many donors you can attract, each client representative speaks to an average of 100 people daily, meaning 100 genuine conversations about your brand. In these conversations, our client representatives educate your audience, create lasting relationships, build rapport, and build the necessary awareness. Eventually, your target audience becomes your most prominent followers that get inspired to create action.

The best part about GIG Fundraising is that GIG plans, manages, and executes your fundraising campaigns. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

The sales funnel has become a holy grail in the world of marketing. Following its principles will lead to an increase in conversion rates by almost 60%. However, this cannot be achieved without the first step—building awareness. By working with GIG, you gain valuable insight from a company that understands how to make a first impression and retain your donors with an everlasting relationship.

If you’re interested in learning more about how GIG Fundraising can power your fundraising efforts, contact us today!

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