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5 Mistakes To Avoid As A Salesperson

As a salesperson, you're always looking for ways to improve your skills and close more deals. But even the best salespeople make mistakes sometimes. In this blog post, we'll take a look at five of the most common mistakes salespeople make and offer some tips on avoiding them. Read on for advice on staying on track to achieving your sales goals!

1. Dealing with the wrong people

Do your homework and ask the right questions. It's impossible to close a deal when dealing with people who are not interested. Read the room, and wisely choose who to invest your time and efforts into.

2. Taking rejections personally

While being rejected is not the most exciting thing, it will help you grow in many ways. Don't be afraid to take "no" for an answer. Even the most persuasive salespeople have gotten a "no" as an answer. Looking at it this way, when a person rejects the sale, it's most likely that what they mean is, "I'm not interested at this given time," but if you've done your job well and communicated your offering clearly, you may be the one they call back in the future when the time comes for them.

3. Talking too much

Be the person who listens rather than fills the air with words. Salespeople already have a terrible reputation of not knowing when to stop talking. You'll create a deeper connection by giving your customers time to express themselves.

We haven't had 20 years of success in the industry by talking too much but creating meaningful connections.

4. Not following up

How many times has a person ghosted you? How does this make you feel? Not the best feeling, right? It's the same with your customers. Do your best to check in on them and follow up even after closing the sale. Savvy salespeople understand the importance of maintaining connections that they can build trust on.

5. Taking shortcuts

If you're here to make an easy leaving or a quick buck, you likely will not find the short-term success you're looking for. Being a salesperson requires discipline and hard work. In the long run, being open-minded to options and asking for guidance will set you up for success.

We hope you find these tips inspiring and that they help paint a picture of what a salesperson does. Willing to join the talented team at GIG? Check out our careers section. We can't wait to meet you!

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