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Why Face-to-face Marketing Is The Quickest Path To New Customers

4.48 billion people are active on social networks as of July 2021, and that number is expected to continue to grow each year. This got us thinking, are we shifting away from in-person interactions?

We know it’s easy to communicate with your coworkers and customers through the digital world and show them all the benefits your product or business has to offer, but have you considered the benefits when it comes to leveraging the power of people with in-person interactions?

After 2020, consumers became numb to digital advertising. We have been staring at screens locked in our homes craving personal interactions. As a brand, you need to think beyond this format and engage with your customers in unique ways. Face-to-face marketing provides the ultimate user experience, far surpassing digital interactions.

In fact, studies have proven that there are important chemical interactions that take place between people who meet face-to-face. Shaking hands can create a far stronger bond than sending that same person an email.

We understand the difficulties of getting in front of your customers, and it’s tempting to remain behind your computer screen recording videos, writing social media captions, or responding to emails, but there are much more effective strategies that we would like to share with you. By the end of this article, you should be ready to connect with people in person with face-to-face marketing. Let’s start with the basics.

What is face-to-face marketing?

Face-to-face marketing is any scenario where you meet in person with an individual or a group of people and connect with them on a personal level while highlighting your brand’s product or service. Face-to-face marketing can be formal or informal - you choose whichever is more appropriate for your marketing plan.

When we talk about informal face-to-face marketing, it can be as casual as a chance meeting with someone in a coffee shop. When that person asks what do you do for a living, you have an opportunity to explain your services and if the person is interested, you might provide more resources such as a website or a business card.

With formal face-to-face marketing, we’re talking about places where it’s expected to talk about marketing and sales like trade shows, conventions, and other events that you attend to promote your product or service.

Whichever way you approach face-to-face marketing, it should be an important part of your marketing plan. Today, consumers want to have an authentic experience with your band, and the best way to do that is by leading with conversations.

How does face-to-face marketing help you acquire new customers?

Now that you’re more familiar with what face-to-face marketing is and why it’s important to take advantage of it, let’s talk about how face-to-face marketing can help you acquire new customers. If you’re wondering how you’re going to make this strategy work with your hectic schedule, GIG offers practical solutions tailored to your organization that will dramatically increase your acquisition rate as a result.

Genuine interactions

Have you ever been to a fitness class where the front desk person treats you well, the fitness instructor was on point with the exercises, and the place itself was clean and smelled good, and then the next day your friend asks you where you work out? Of course, you would recommend the nice place you went to the day before. Why? Because you had an incredible experience, and you want your friends to experience it too.

This is not a secret; it’s classic word-of-mouth marketing. When someone has a positive experience they are more likely to share it with others. The same concept can happen when you’re using GIG. In this case, though, a designated client representative meets potential customers in person to ensure as positive an experience as possible.

The audience comes to you

It’s 2021, and we’re oversaturated with digital ads. Marketers find it ever more difficult to reach their target audiences organically. Face-to-face marketing; however, abandons the waiting game of customers finding you via social media or search engines. Instead, our client representatives bring customers directly to you.

How? With a tailored face-to-face marketing campaign, a designated GIG client representative will be situated in a strategic location where they can reach hundreds of potential customers and keep their attention and interest through genuine conversations about your brand.

Create space for relationships and loyalty

How many times have you bought something because you know the person behind the brand?

Although building relationships online is possible, we can guarantee that it’s far easier to create genuine interactions with customers through a company representative in person.

By believing in the power of people and letting the client representatives speak to prospects in person, you will be creating stronger relationships that provide lasting trust and credibility for your brand by actively listening to your prospects’ questions and giving them the answers, leading to a new customer right then.

It’s all about people and being accessible

Because we’re social creatures, and we rely on genuine interactions, we’re more likely to be influenced by a person than any marketing message. What is the first natural inclination when we see a post or advertisement? We look at the reviews and comments to see what real people are saying.

By having a professional-client representative engage with someone in person, you are not only providing people with the ability to ask questions about your product or business but also to discuss their concerns more intimately.

In addition to that, you’ll gain visibility by having GIG client representatives reach out to hundreds of potential customers through your tailored face-to-face marketing campaign. If the general population doesn’t know who your brand is, seeing a smiling client representative having a genuine interaction as they pass by will create a lasting impression.

Effective communication

Face-to-face communications are more natural and sincere than digital messages, and your company comes to understand and build trust with your prospects. In the digital world that we live in, consumers are looking for genuine interactions that can be achieved when a client representative connects with a potential consumer and reads body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.


Does this mean face-to-face marketing should replace digital marketing? Absolutely not, but you should mix both and take advantage of the opportunity that face-to-face marketing has to offer to enhance your brand by building genuine connections with your customers and prospects.

Are you ready to bring your business to the next level? Realize the benefits of generating new customers by establishing genuine connections with your buyers while building loyalty and communicating more effectively.

Create your face-to-face campaign with GIG

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