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Why Face-to-face Marketing Is effective (When Done Right)

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

It's no secret that the world is increasingly digital. As a result, many people seem to think that face-to-face marketing is no longer effective, but that's not the case - if done right. Screen fatigue has become a real thing, and personal interactions can still be one of the most powerful ways to reach your target audience. So today, we're going to look at some of the reasons why face-to-face marketing is still so important and how you can make sure your campaigns are successful.

Build effective brand awareness

When we represent your brand, it is often the first time a potential donor comes into contact with your organization and has the opportunity to learn more about your mission. Because our client representatives have a deep understanding of relationship building and relating to every type of person, we can explain your brand's mission more effectively through conversation than a 30-second social media video.

Better interactions

Have you ever heard about The 7-38-55 rule? It is a concept concerning the impact of non-verbal and verbal communication developed by psychology professor Albert Mehrabian at the University of California. Total liking = 7% verbal liking + 38% vocal liking + 55% facial liking. This rule shows that people respond better when vocal and facial communication is involved.

Our client representatives go through intensive training on non-verbal communication, like understanding a person’s body language and facial expressions. When communicating on your behalf, we ensure potential donors understand who you are using these techniques, which is why and how potential donors become actual monthly sustainers.

Eliminate miscommunication

Indirect communication can be misunderstood. An email, social media post or email, cannot effectively communicate the intention, emotion, or meaningfulness you may be trying to portray. Face-to-face marketing eliminates these difficulties because we engage in genuine two-way conversations and answer questions and concerns if they arise. By using the 7–38-55 rule, our client representatives can read the non-verbals to ensure your brand message is impacting your audience in the right way.

Get started

No matter the current state of your marketing strategy, you can take steps to level up and continue to grow over time. With our help, you can build an effective marketing strategy to generate donor support through more meaningful interactions with your customers.

We'd love to hear about what challenges you face as a nonprofit organization and how we may be able to help! Contact us today to find out more information on how we can assist you.

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