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The Value of Hiring Face-to-Face Fundraising Experts

Growing your business is at the top of your list? You want to get your name out there to attract clients or donors, but face-to-face marketing is not your forte. Learning a new skill is a potential opportunity for you, but mastering the skill is a long journey. It involves a lot of detours, road bumps, and in some cases, taking completely wrong directions before producing campaigns that are converting. If this sounds like you, then it is time to hire face-to-face fundraising experts who already know the practice, know it well, and are dedicated to adding value to your business and helping you grow.

Saves on Costs

When you hire an employee, the average entry-level salary is $37,000-$51,000 per annum, in addition to the cost of their internal resources (computer, desk space, office products), employee costs (benefits, taxes, bonuses, market share), and training costs. That is a substantial financial commitment to a single employee whose lifespan at your company might only be 14 months. In contrast to this, when you hire face-to-face fundraising experts like GIG, you only pay for every qualified lead we bring you. In other words, you only pay after you begin seeing results.

Improves Efficiency

When transitioning into face-to-face marketing, you can spend months or even years trying to learn this marketing practice on your own, and within those years, there will be a series of trials and errors. The time and effort you put into learning a new skill are eliminated when you hire a professional team specializing in face-to-face marketing. With this extra time, you can put it towards other aspects of your business that you excel in, like leading your team or managing client relationships.

Additional Skills

Growing your business means learning new skills to accommodate the growth, which also means putting extra stress on your employees to develop new skills quickly. When you hire a team of face-to-face marketing specialists, your company adds the skills needed to grow your company in a shorter and faster period.

Different Point of View

Your current team may be used to having the same point of view when it comes to your marketing goals. This mindset leads to team members falling into the same patterns and reaching stagnation in your campaigns. When you hire face-to-face experts, they provide their perspective on your current marketing strategy and add fresh new ideas to revamp it. In some cases, a different perspective might even inspire your team.

Hiring face-to-face fundraising experts means they become an extension of your in-house team without any cons and all the benefits. If you’re ready to scale your business today, reach out and find out how we can help.

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