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How to Transform Your Event With GIG Fundraising

Are you looking to take your nonprofit events to the next level? Perhaps you've been using all the fundraising tricks in the book: direct mail, email marketing, online donations, and traditional fundraising events, yet none of these are generating enough revenue to meet your goals.

Whether a start-up or a well-established organization, GIG Fundraising will help you reach more people and effectively generate more revenue.

Who is GIG Fundraising?

GIG Fundraising set out on a mission to put the human connection back into marketing, specifically for nonprofits. We believe that genuine relationships and authenticity connect people to your brand. The human connection happens to make the world a better place as well.

From the relationships we have with our staff through to the relationships we create with your d, we shape each encounter and create experiences that nurture the unique qualities of every person.

What Does GIG Fundraising Provide?

While GIG Fundraising is all about inspiring change and making a difference in the world, we wouldn't be able to make this dream happen if it wasn't for our fantastic team of client representatives.

Our client representatives are at the heart of our company, so it's natural that we only hire those who are as fiercely dedicated to changing the world as we are. Because of this, all our client representatives are naturally excited to promote positive change whenever they can. GIG ensures that all our client representatives are well-trained in face-to-face marketing and well educated about your company before actively marketing to the public. Our client representatives' enthusiasm and dedication mean they will speak genuinely about your company's story, mission, and values to promote a positive impact on the world.

How Can GIG Fundraising Help You Generate More Revenue?

Working with GIG Fundraising is different from working with your in-house volunteers or any other traditional marketing or advertising firm. We have been around for over 20 years, and we have expanded across the globe. It is safe to say that we know a thing or two about face-to-face marketing, and we have brought millions of new donors and raised approximately $4.2B for our nonprofit partners.

We know how to expand your organization's visibility and bring your audience to you. By efficiently and actively finding donors, we expose your mission to hundreds or even thousands of potential donors every single day.

In addition to this, we have a strong team of well-trained, well-educated, and fiercely passionate client representatives to back up your event. By effectively speaking to your audience and establishing that human relationship, potential donors are more inclined to donate. They will connect on a personal and professional face-to-face engagement rather than a lifeless website. Combining our expert knowledge and motivated team increases any organization's reach by almost 100% and automatically generates revenue on day one.

GIG Fundraising does all the heavy lifting in the fundraising process, so you don't have to. You can completely transform your event with GIG in numerous ways. Effectively communicate to your audience, increase your reach, generate more ROI, build credibility, establish relationships, and grow your revenue starting today.

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