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How to Save Time Prospecting With GIG Commercial

When it comes to growing your business, customers aren’t just going to fall into your lap despite how badly you wish they would. You need to actively go out and find customers, making prospecting a key stage in the sales process.

While a crucial aspect of the sales process, prospecting is also the most tedious and, in many ways, the most challenging stage. But what if you could skip the hassle of prospecting, save time, and make more time for other aspects of your business instead? At GIG, we help you do that, and this is how.

GIG’s Expertise

Everything is strategic. The way you speak matters. The timing of your sales pitch matters. The location of your campaign matters.

Learning all the secrets to market your business effectively can only come with time, but GIG has already put in that time.

GIG has been around since 2002, and we are confident that we have become industry experts in this field. We have learned all the techniques and marketing tactics, so you don’t have to. When you decide to work with us, we will not be learning on your dime. Instead, we will implement our years of knowledge every second we’re on the clock to help you grow your business.

Our Highly Trained Team

When you work with GIG, we provide an entire team of client representatives that will become an extension of your in-house team.

Our client representatives are trained to cater to your business. They will embody your company values and mission, understanding your business's needs and goals. They are laser-focused on promoting your brand, enhancing your brand credibility, communicating key value propositions, and serving your clients. Our client representatives are as dedicated to your company as your own team is.

Scale Faster

Fast-forward through the trials and errors that come with direct marketing on your own and get to the fun part: Scaling your business; with GIG, you get full access to all our efficient, knowledgeable sales tactics and sales team, allowing you to grow your business faster.

While all campaigns are unique, the regular time it takes to launch a campaign is anywhere from 8-12 weeks. This includes all logistical matters such as legal, IT requirements, reporting, and campaign development which will be managed and reported in real-time.


Prospecting doesn’t have to be a laborious and time-consuming task. Lean on the expertise of GIG and our team to produce the desired results in half the amount of time.

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