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How To Choose The Right GIG Service For Your Business

As a business, you're always looking for ways to reach a larger audience and gain more customers, and one of the best ways to do this is by investing in your sales and marketing efforts. That's where GIG USA services come in handy to help scale and grow your customer base while reaching a larger target audience, but with three different services available, how do you choose the right one for your organization?

Don't worry. We're here to help! Let's take a look at the different services GIG offers to determine which one(s) will be the best based on your objectives.

GIG services include:

1. GIG Fundraising

2. GIG Connect

3. GIG Commercial

While GIG's services will deliver the results you need, we want to rightsize them to your goals. Whether you're looking for customer acquisition, lead generation, brand awareness, or all three, our job is to deliver measurable, quality results within the defined target timeframe and scale those results for years to come.

To ensure you're choosing the proper GIG service, we'll have an initial discovery conversation to answer what we call "The Big 6". By outlining your "Who, What, When, Where, Why, How," we will begin to understand your priorities, objectives, and goals clearly. After this initial conversation, our team will formulate a go-to-market strategy outlining recommendations on which services are best for you.

1. GIG Fundraising

GIG Fundraising is the perfect fit for any nonprofit organization interested in an individual giving program and growing its monthly sustainer program. Our face-to-face fundraising team can collect donations through kiosks, event fundraising, and canvassing efforts. They will reach a new audience, improve your brand awareness, and acquire the donors you need.

Our mission is to build genuine connections on behalf of your organization that will simultaneously create opportunities to provide detailed information about your cause to new donors and a larger audience.

2. GIG Connect

The GIG Connect service was created for all businesses. This service offers in-house welcome calls, new customer or donor acquisition, stewardship, and milestone/anniversary calls. With this, we will help your organization build genuine connections over the phone with our highly trained call center agents, who will provide an excellent customer experience. Leverage us in your customers' journeys, and we will set a foundation of professionalism and trust to guarantee long-lasting relationships.

Whether you want to execute a telemarketing campaign to acquire new customers or focus on customer or donor reactivations and retention, GIG Connect is the answer.

3. GIG Commercial

The GIG Commercial service was created to respond to the growing need for quality customer acquisition in the for-profit space. The ability to acquire a significant volume of new customers through face-to-face marketing and direct sales is nothing new. However, ensuring those newly acquired customers are high-quality and remain customers for longer than 90 days sounds impossible. We asked ourselves, "Why can't we create a division with the same 9% average attrition rate after 90 days for a for-profit business as we do for NPOs?" The answer was that we could, so we did. Whether your services are in telecommunications, renewable energy, SaaS, or any other industry, if you need customers who are committed to staying onboard with you, we will deliver them.


As you can see, GIG's primary focus is the same for all our services. We will acquire new long-term, low churn customers on your behalf and generate more brand awareness in the markets you need to cater to the audience you want to reach.

Take the next step and contact us to start delivering on your objectives today!

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