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Engage More Donors on National Nonprofit Day With These 3 Ideas

National Nonprofit day is just around the corner! August 17th, to be specific, and this day is an excellent opportunity to recognize nonprofits' generosity and commitment to making the world a better place. It doesn't matter if you're a local, grassroots organization, or a worldwide, international organization. We want to start early and help you plan and make the most out of National Nonprofit Day by sharing three ideas to make it easier for your community to donate and support your organization on this day.

1. Hold a Fundraising Event

A textbook classic, fundraising events have proven time and time again how

effective they can be! Donors love a reason to come out and celebrate a good cause, and what better way to do that than with fun activities with their community?

The best part about fundraising is that there are many themes and events a nonprofit can hold to engage its donors. You can have a beach-themed event, fairytale-themed event, car wash event, or bake-off. It could even be a fairy tale beach theme car washing bake-off event, and the list is endless!

The challenging part about creating a fundraising event is that it involves a lot of organization, funding, and staff or volunteers to run the event. The easiest and most effective way to meet the challenge is to consult a third-party company like GIG, which specializes in face-to-face fundraising and creating meaningful events. Let us do the work for you!

2. Face-to-face Campaigns

Face-to-face campaigns offer nonprofits a powerful way to share their stories by having client representatives from companies like GIG communicate the importance of your initiatives. Unlike sending an email and not knowing who will open it, face-to-face campaigns will tailor a personalized donor experience that will leave customers feeling good about their actions and increase trust through effective communications.

Tie your story back to National Nonprofit Day by telling your mission story and finding natural examples of the hundreds of people who can be impacted by your work and the positivity you continuously inspire.

3. Telemarketing Campaigns

Although it's not the most popular form of fundraising these days, with the auto-diallers and people preferring text messages and email to a conversation, it is still effective. With GIG connect, our highly trained call center agents use the

power of words to evoke emotion, inspire trust, and build authentic relationships

with your donors. It's another way GIG connects people to people and shares your mission with as big an audience who will answer.

Your nonprofit is making a difference in this world, and National Nonprofit day brings

recognition to your selfless battle. If you are unsure which GIG service to choose, check out our blog post on How to Choose The Right GIG Service.

Take the next step and contact us to start delivering on your objectives today!

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