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Email Marketing vs. Face-to-Face Marketing

If you’re a non-profit, for-profit, small, or large business, understanding the ins and outs of email marketing and face-to-face marketing is essential to your business.

To start, both marketing forms are necessary for any business's growth, regardless of the product or service. Email marketing involves mass marketing to your email list, and face-to-face marketing requires you to look people directly in the eye to

promote your business.

We’ll be going through the pros and cons of email marketing and face-to-face marketing to help you decide which marketing method is worth your time and investment. Pro tip: both together are the best.

Email Marketing



You Own Your Email List

The Spam Folder

Automatic Lead Generation

The Unsubscribe Button

It’s a Numbers Game


1. You Own Your Email List

During the 2021 Facebook and Instagram outage. Many businesses were locked out

of their accounts and away from their customers for 5 hours. While to the general population, this outage meant quiet from their relatives’ incessant memes, to businesses, the outage meant losing thousands of dollars in sales. With email marketing, companies aren’t dependent on a third-party marketing channel to help spread the word about an upcoming campaign. All they need is access to the internet.

2. Automatic Lead Generation

No need to cold call your customers. When your audience signs up to be a part of

your email list, you automatically create a list of highly qualified

leads you can market to directly.


1. The Spam Folder,

The most significant disadvantage of email marketing is the dreaded spam folder. People are flooded with unwanted emails daily, which forces them to put filters on

their emails. Additionally, certain email services automatically place SPAM filters on all user accounts. Unless your email passes the spam police, your messaging will not get through.

This is why face-to-face marketing and working with GIGhelps you reach your audience directly by using face-to-face marketing strategies without worrying about filters, algorithms, and SPAM.

2. The Unsubscribe Button

Like the spam filter, the unsubscribe button allows your customers to have massive control over what lands in their inbox. Create unengaging information or promotions that are not beneficial to your audience, and you’ll fall victim to the unsubscribe button.

3. It’s a Numbers Game.

An excellent open rate is 17%-28% which roughly translates to 8-14 people out of 50 emails or 17-28 people if you have 100 people on your list. The numbers don’t sound so bad, but just because they opened doesn’t guarantee a sale. Realistically, the open-to conversion rate is looking more like 1%-3%.

Face-to-Face Marketing



Positive First Impression

It Can be Costly

Develop Connections

Unable to Present your Brand in a Trustworthy Manner

Learn More About the Customer


1. Positive First Impression

As humans, we can instantly tell if someone is being genuine simply from a

handshake or eye contact. Positive body language can go a long way when marketing because

people buy from brands (and people) they feel like they can trust.

2. Develop Connections

A lot of the time, face-to-face marketing works not because of any tricky sales tactic or persuasion technique but because the brand and the customer have developed a common ground. Having shared beliefs and values drive human connection and builds trust.

3. Learn More About the Customer

While face-to-face marketing is an effective method to educate your customers, it is also effective to learn about your customers. What do they value? What are their

goals and pains? Knowing this information will give you more direction when speaking to your audience.


1. It Can be Costly

Unlike social media marketing and email marketing, where you can pay $1000 and

mass blast your campaign, face-to-face marketing requires people to execute the strategic plan. The great thing about GIG is you only pay for what the customers you receive, so your ROI is 100%.

2. Unable to present your brand in a trustworthy manner

Face-to-face marketing highly depends on how people perceive one another. If you cannot present your brand as trustworthy or your customers misinterpret your brand, you’ll be losing sales. With GIG, this isn’t an issue since our client representatives are well trained and ready to deliver your key message the best way possible.


Email and face-to-face marketing are powerful forms of direct marketing that will benefit your business. Email marketing is easy to market to the masses, while face-to-face marketing, when done correctly, can build powerful and long-lasting relationships. With a fundraising agency like GIG specializing in face-to-face marketing, you’ll be able to utilize both marketing methods efficiently and effectively. Having only one type of marketing is not ideal for your growth.

Take the next step and contact us to start delivering on your objectives today!

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