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6 Tips To Sell Better And Close More Sales

In a constantly evolving world where audiences are becoming more technologically savvy and aware of the infinite options at their disposal, traditional sales strategies are not what they used to be. The stereotype of the high-powered, low-empathy, money-driven salesperson is no longer relevant in today’s world.

While closing deals is an important event within the sales process, there are many things that have to happen before the signature that require time, attention, and effort.

Potential clients don't like to feel like a piece of revenue, and they will know if a brand is not honest and genuine. This is why a brand should embrace authenticity over anything. To help, we would like to share these six unique and effective sales tips and explain how they will help you build relationships with your customers and ultimately close more deals.

1. Focus on them

We all know that person who doesn't like to listen and is self-absorbed in their own conversations. Probably not your favorite person to talk to. The same concept applies when a salesperson starts to talk nonstop about their company or offerings.

The secret here is to always be curious and ask questions with a willingness to listen and focus on your buyer. Every interaction you have with them counts, whether it’s through email, phone call demo, voicemail, or an in-person meeting, they all should have an intention and you should leave clients knowing that you have their best interests in mind.

This way, you’re not only learning more about your clients’ needs, but you also make them feel positive about their interactions with you. Thusly, they will likely engage more with you, leading to more interest in your product. People buy from people they like.

2. Build trust

Trust is fundamental to every successful business. If you want to grow relationships with your prospective clients, trust is necessary. One way to achieve that, is by demonstrating that you truly understand their pain points and can deliver on the expectations you set for them.

Forget about force-feeding prospects a product or service they don’t want and don’t need. Instead, opt to always provide tangible value and exceed expectations wherever at all possible. They say customer service is the new marketing, so why not provide that stellar customer service during the onset of your relationship and set the tone for a long-term, happy customer?

3. Solve a problem

Accordingly to a recent LinkedIn report about sales stats in 2020, “active listening” is the top trait buyers value in salespeople. It’s a no-brainer that by listening and empathizing you will understand your prospects better and provide an optimized solution that fits their specific needs.

Pay close attention to the language they use when describing their challenges and opportunities so you can provide relevant, impactful solutions. After that you will live rent-free in their minds - every time they think about or use your service, they will remember how you created their improved present and future.

4. Make the process easy for a customer to buy

The fewer steps to take in order to close a deal, the better. Your prospect might not be familiar with the internal process, but you are. Using your expertise to guide them in the right direction and remove any obstacles will be key. Help them understand the value along the way so it doesn’t feel cumbersome.

5. Continue providing value after the deal is done

Want your clients to stay with you long-term? Don’t disappear after the signature, unless you want to give them signals that you only care about your checkbook, not their success.

Yes, closing deals is part of your job, and it deserves some celebration! However, always think about long-term success for your clients.

Look for reasons to have follow-up touchpoints which can be as simple as asking them how they like the product or service so far, congratulating them on a recent achievement of their company or personal project, sending them a holiday note, or sharing a resource that has nothing to do with your sale but provides value for them. Staying on their radar will help grow the relationship and increase the likelihood of them providing you with more business and referrals.

6. Remember, we’re all human

As redundant as this might sound, it’s easy to get caught up in the business and forget that you’re dealing with humans. We are all different and have varying passions, belief systems, habits, and needs that may have nothing to do with our jobs. While it’s important to maintain professionalism, let’s not forget that it doesn’t have to be about business all the time.

Use yourself as an example and ask the following question, “Would I like hearing what I’m about to say to this person or in this email? If you answered no, it’s likely that your client will not like it either. Be conscious, and make good use of your words.


If you find value in these tips, start applying them. Don’t worry, whether you already have a sales job or you’re curious about joining our team, the takeaway here is to stay away from “hard selling” and treat each individual as the human being that they are.

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