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5 Ways GIG Supports Our Employee's Wellness

At GIG, our mission has always been to change the world. We do this by investing in our employees, and we're dedicated to inspiring greatness. Whether through providing a team of caring and supportive colleagues or supporting your wellness, being a part of the GIG team means unlimited support. Here are five ways GIG supports our employee's wellness and happiness.

Work-Life Balance

Life doesn't revolve around work, and that is ok! We do not expect you to be at our beck and call every second of the day, so don't expect us to contact you on your off time. We encourage our employees to enjoy and even improve their work-life balance by detaching from work when needed and making time for other priorities in their lives. Suppose that means practicing yoga, cooking, reading, or simply taking time off work to relax and recharge. In that case, we are 100% understanding of your needs.

Opportunity for Growing your Income with Weekly and Monthly Bonuses

We never want our employees to have to wait a whole year for a performance review for a salary increase - that's old school. GIG provides weekly and monthly bonuses, in addition to gas reimbursement and other "off the cuff" bonuses to keep everyone happy and in control of their income. By showing our gratitude by rewarding our most important asset, our people, we keep our clients happy and fun in the work culture.

Health Benefits

A huge part of supporting our employee's health and wellness is providing a health benefits plan. When serious illness, disease, or medical emergencies strike, you will have the security of knowing that you are insured and protected under your health benefits. GIG offers a comprehensive benefits package that allows our employees peace of mind.

Fitness Center

A boost of dopamine a day can go a long way! GIG employees can achieve their wellness goals anytime throughout the day with our on-site fitness center. Enjoy the fully-equipped fitness center whenever you need that boost of energy and happiness.

Travel Opportunities

GIG understands the power of travel. Seeing the world and changing your environment can bring a breath of fresh air back into your life. Imagine yourself on a warm beach with the sun beating down on your skin, the sand between your toes, and the waves refreshing your body with sprinkles of water. Just thinking about it can relieve stress and tension in your body, so think about how you would feel if you were there. We want to keep the stress levels low and the relaxation high for all of our employees, so we offer travel opportunities to work and play at any of our GIG locations worldwide.

We love to look out for our employees because a healthier and happier workforce creates an unstoppable team. Willing to join the talented team at GIG? Check out our careers section. We can't wait to meet you!

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