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3 Ways to Become a Better Communicator in Sales

We have heard it time and time again, "communication is the key!" While communication skills are essential in all aspects of life, is good communication just talking? Or is there more to communication than we need to be aware of? Excellent and effective communication can be challenging within our everyday relationships, so it makes sense that when meeting someone new, communicating with our colleagues, or meeting with a prospect, we need to become better. Here are three ways to become a better communicator.

1. Actively Listen

You will be surprised, but the key to good communication is not talking but instead actively listening. How you effectively communicate with your prospect is dependent on the two aspects of listening. The first is how well you listen to your prospects' needs and problems. Are you engaged and taking mental notes, or are you zoning out? Or even worse, are you forming a response to the first thing they said while they're still talking? People respond better when they feel like what they are saying matters, so be present and attentive! Take notes, nod your head, and use facial expressions and verbal cues like "hmm" to let them know you are engaged in what they are saying. And most importantly, if you need clarification, do not be afraid to ask. Asking questions demonstrates that you are actively listening and engaged.

2. Pay Attention to Non-verbal Cues

Understanding non-verbal communication will put you ahead of your competitors. If you don't watch as much as you listen, you won't gain a complete understanding of how best to communicate with your prospect. Do you notice that they are fighting a lot and seem uncomfortable? Are they staring at their phone or a pile of papers and barely engaged? Or are they agitated when they answer your questions? By picking up on non-verbal cues, you'll be able to tailor your communication style and even what you say to respond by simply watching. Maybe you need to reschedule for a better time, or better yet, perhaps they are so frustrated with their current predicament that you can skip over most of your presentation to a close because you are the solution. People say more without words than you realize, so make sure to pay attention to the non-verbal cues!

3. Be Confident

Your job as a client representative is to meet the prospect where they are, understand where they are coming from and what they need from you. While you may have had weeks of training, committed your pitch to memory, and practiced your rebuttals and responses, nothing speaks volumes than a confident person. You are the expert! You are the solution to a problem. You are the one who can make their day by simply interacting with them. Being confident is not always having the correct answers but about how you are perceived. Stand tall! Look them in the eye! Don't forget to smile and say hello!

Construction workers have drills and hammers, doctors have stethoscopes, teachers have chalk, and client representatives have their mouths. The strongest tool in a client representative's tool kit is your ability to communicate, so be sure to use it and use it effectively!

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