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3 Secrets To A Successful Face-to-Face Transition

Implementing any form of change around the office can be daunting. A significant management change will make you question how it will impact your current projects. Reorganize entire departments, and you'll wonder if your staff will work well together as you imagined or if they will create friction in the office.

Change is scary because it leaves you with many unanswered questions, but knowing that it will be the best thing for your nonprofit and your staff makes it exciting.

If you're thinking of transitioning from TV or direct mail marketing to face-to-face marketing, ease the stress and worry for your nonprofit by following these three secrets that are determined to help you successfully transition.

1. Staff Support

With a significant change, the first thought that crosses employees' minds is, "is my education and skills still relevant?" or "does this change signal potential layoffs?" These two questions are the greatest fears an employee can experience in their career.

In this situation, communicate to your staff the importance of transitioning to face-to-face marketing and reassure the security of their jobs. Check-in with them in meetings or one-on-one, and listen to their comments and concerns. Also, if you are training them to develop a new skill, remember patience and appreciation go a longways.

2. Re-analyze Your Finances

Transitioning to face-to-face marketing includes many benefits, one of which is that your nonprofit will increase its revenue while decreasing its spending. This is because face-to-face marketing has proven time and time again that it yields one of the highest ROI when it comes to marketing.

Being physically visible to your audience encourages genuine relationships that lead to a higher lifetime value. In addition to growing your customer base, you will save money on marketing. While direct mail can cost an average of $0.40-$1.16 per piece without a promise of high conversion, you will only pay for every qualified lead you receive when you work with GIG commercials.

3. Utilize a Third- Party Service

When in doubt, utilize a third party like GIG USA, which has over 20 years of experience in face-to-face marketing. By partnering with GIG, you will be in the hands of experts who research, plan, and execute the entire project, so you can have more time to manage your nonprofit/business.

The Takeaway

Changes are nerve-wracking but also necessary to adapt to the changing world. When you are transitioning from other forms of traditional marketing to face-to-face marketing, ensure that your staff feels supported and appreciated throughout the process. Check back in on your yearly financial projections and notice your revenue grow. At the same time, your spending on marketing will decrease, and if you are still unsure, lean on third-party face-to-face marketing companies like GIG, who know what they're doing and will maximize your results.

For more on change management and how to implement it in your nonprofit, visit here to speak with one of our specialists.

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